Mammoth Technologies (Mammoth) is a Design and Manufacturing Corporation within the Mining and Drilling Industry, creating a dynamic presence in the International Market.

The Mammoth Breakout Wrench drew attention to our Innovative yet uncomplicated approach to problem solving within the global market when we first introduced it in 1999.

Development and product refinement and improvement is a continuous process in the business.

Our product development drive has been shaped and guided by the requirements, needs and frustrations gleaned from our clients in the global Market. This has led us to develop a reasonably priced range of durable, cost effective products in the various sectors of the mining industry. They were designed for : improving safety ; simplifying operation ; lowering maintenance costs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a well established brand in the Mining and Drilling Industry, leading the way through Safety, Quality, Service, and Price, driven by Ethical standards and time tested values.

Mission Statement

To produce better products that are affordable, safer to use and easier to work with. Better. Affordable. Safer. Easier


Mammoth Technologies takes responsibility for all the phases of the process including conceptualization, market research, design, manufacturing and testing, through to distribution and service. All manufacturing (including process manufacturing) is done in-house.