The Mammoth Fluid Filtration System is a system specific lubrication maintenance package that enables clientele to maintain lubricant quality with considerably lower moisture and particulate contamination levels than traditional applications, which results in extended oil drainage intervals to create a 4000 hour service cycle benchmark for all applications.

The system is not mineral or synthetic lubricant type specific so it can be applied to any Differential grade lubricant. For high temperature applications and high acidic applications only seals are adapted to the application. The system can be set up as a Real-time Monitored Application which enables the supplier and client to continuously monitor lubricant quality over the full maintenance period.

The specification maintained meets and exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturer quality standards and is verifiable with all OEM’s.

This innovative system will remove moisture and particulate material from Engine Oil, Gearbox Oil, Differential Oil, Hydraulic Oil and maintain the lubricants viscosity index with excellent temperature properties, good antiwear performance, and excellent chemical stability.

Features and Benefits

The system is designed to meet the demanding requirements of mining applications in an ever increasing difficult financial environment. The system meets this demand by:

  • Maintaining Quality and Standards to Reduce Down Time
  • Increasing Profit Ratios per Ton
  • Reducing Waste Management of Old Oil by 50%
  • Reduce Cost of Lubricants by 50%

Initial calculations based on current results and years of experience estimate a total of approximately 64% operational saving on machinery fitted with the complete maintenance package.