Product Description

The Mammoth Breakout Wrench was developed to meet the requirements of a hands-free breakout wrench for all conditions and any OEM Drill Rig.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications All designs, specifications and components of equipment described herein are subject to change at manufacturer’s discretion at any time without prior notice.
Wrench Size 5”-2.5”
Wrench torque                                             50 000n.m   36 000 ft. lbs
Spinner torque                                              1000n.m 790 ft. lbs
Required Operating Pressure                  2500psi-3000psi
Required Flow rate                                      10-12 Gal/min
Carriage travel horizontal                           3’5”    1040mm
Carriage travel vertical                                2’6”    760mm
PLC control System                                      24Vdc


The Mammoth Breakout Wrench can be designed to fit any OEM machine application. The Mammoth Breakout Wrench is not limited to any specific range only. It is recommended that only genuine parts and consumables are used on the Mammoth Product range, to ensure full performance and stability during operation.

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