The filter consist of four (4) components:
1. The filter housing
2. The strainer
3. The micron felt bag
4. The filtration medium

Filter Housing
The Filter Housing’s are two PVC end caps that screw on a HDPE pipe. One end cap is fixed and one is screwed on. Both end caps are fitted with male quick release couplers for easy access to replace the filters. These housings are tested at a pressure rating of 12 bar. The system operating pressures are at maximum 6.5 bar.

The Strainer
The strainer is a cylindrical steel mesh with 3mm holes, open top and a closed bottom. This strainer is located in the filter housing and kept in place with the screw on cap.

The Micron Felt Bag
The bag is made of felt material and is widely used in the filtration industry as bag filters. The bag in this application is a 10 micron medium and is specially made to contain the filtration medium.

Filtration Medium
The filtration medium is a high performance absorbent media. The media is an unique, naturally occurring attapulgite. In the presence of water the media doesn’t swell and break down but absorbs and contains the water. Entrained or emulsified water in fuels and industrial oils are dangerous and harmful to machinery and reduces their life time. This media efficiently removes surfactants to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. The media effectively removes color bodies, surfactants, water, free fatty acids, organic oxides, and other polar contaminants from a wide range of oils, liquids and waxes.