Service Intervals:

As with any filtration system the service interval is directly proportional to the level of contaminant ingress over a specific period. The Mammoth Fluid Filtration System is specifically designed to maintain a very high level of cleanliness with ultra-low particulate and moisture contamination levels. Due to the ability to maintain these levels this system will enable well maintained systems up to 2000 litres to run on annual or bi-annual service intervals. This means between 4000 hours and 6000 hours based on continuous lubricant analysis and on approval or recommendation of the client.

Out of the Norm Element Change-outs:

A situation may arise with a critical event or out of the ordinary high ingress period such as with the test runs and simulations where we create very fine particles that get in everywhere. The MTR-MT-0001 online monitoring system will show us as well as the client if this has occurred and then we will do a duel set element change-out. This will be performed by a trained and certified artisan.


Operating Parameters:

The Mammoth Fluid Filtration System 0001 will manage well in the following temperature ranges:
Ambient Temperature Range: -5°Celsius to +55°Celsius
Lubricant Temperatures over 120 second cycle: -1°Celsius to 80°Celsius (Pump Safety Conditional for application)

Filtration Level:

Particulate contamination in accordance with BS 5540 part 4: 1981 and ISO/DIS 4406:
ISO equivalent to NAS 1638 class 4/5 (Differential oil specification)
Average Accepted Differential Rate is: NAS: 6 or ISO:17 I 15 I 12
MTR-MT-0001 Average operating Range: NAS: 4 or ISO:15 I 13 I 10
Moisture Measured according to ASTM D1533 Karl Fischer method: >10ppm
Moisture Sensors and other tests such as Wearcheck moisture show up as 0% Moisture in oil.